At FB2GO (Facebook2Go), we believe that in order for businesses to achieve anything in South Africa, you need to adjust your focus regularly.

  • Adjust your focus from the “catastrophes” that surround us, i.e. the things we can’t do much to solve right now.
  • And rather shift our focus to look at the things we CAN solve.

For example, what could YOUR business do with right now? Tangibly?

  • Could your business gain something from shifting your marketing into the online space – maybe get a regular 4-5 new clients each month?
  • Or would you rather “benefit” from talking about how much lockdown will harm your business – while you stick to old habits?

We believe that we need to stop devoting time and focus to the things that only serve to distract us.  In a world where action determines results –

What actions can you take to grow your monthly list of customers? (what actually matters)  Small to medium-sized businesses have the most capacity to be creative with their marketing and bring in results.  If everyone focused on the right things and built their own businesses, the “bigger issues” would gradually be solved – obviously we can’t get to every business owner – but if you’re reading this right now.

Perhaps ask yourself the question:

If you could guarantee 4 – 5 new customers every month, would you take the actions necessary to make this happen?

If all it took was
– Regular adverts (weekly…),
– Directed to the right people (your potential best clients…)
– A skilled FB practitioner, to use your budget wisely…

Would you take this small leap?
These are questions we ask at FB2GO, how to get business owners to trust online marketing just that little bit more.  And who knows how their businesses could look 6 months from now with a touch of bravery every now and again?