Whether you are a green grocer, or a chainsaw-reselling and maintenance business… your business needs to be online. Now, this is something you have either heard, seen and may even be something you are taking active steps toward achieving.

Similarly, taking your business online may be something you dismiss ENTIRELY, with statements like:

  1. “My clientele doesn’t go online; they still love and appreciate the traditional way of doing business…”
  2. “Facebook is just a social media, for games and socializing, business doesn’t mix in with THAT!”
  3. “I may be old-school, but if it works, it WORKS…”

Some businesses accept the old methods of getting new customers in the door (having people see their services/products) at the “usual” ways, like word-of-mouth and getting a good reference every now and then. The only issue with this, being their MAIN form of getting in touch with new clients, is that this relies on the individual PEOPLE, and we all get bad days.


As your main method of reaching new people with your awesome products/services that:

– Probably outmatch your competitors in quality, maybe not price.
– Are delivered with high-quality service,
– By experts in your industry (some business-owners holding 10-20+ years in the industry EACH)

What happens when: You can’t get all of the ABOVE benefits you offer to people, across to new customers, because the person you bet your word-of-mouth business on, has a bad day and doesn’t feel like giving you that reference?


This is the issue: You can’t rely solely on word-of-mouth anymore… maybe 20 years ago, sure…

But today, where people spend an average of 2.5 hours on their phone (online) adding up to 35 days a year (online) – you need to take control of how you get customers, starting today! 
The question stands… when will you take action?