When you join the FB2GO team, become an FB2GO Agent or even begin to write ads for an FB2GO agent… Surprise, surprise! You’re getting into psychology – not just simply advertising to “customers”. Psychology means “the science of mind and behaviour,” and probably more… Now, writing adverts may not be all that “scientific” so to speak, and no-  Please don’t put it on your business card.

When you’re working with how your future customer will see your ad, post, blog or something

– you have to do some “thinking for them,” namely:

  • WHO is this person? (what do they like?)
  • What problem does this person want to fix?
  • Does what I have to offer fix their problem?
  • How can I get the concept that “I can help them,” straight through to them?

Before our left-brain takes over and we overthink this – We actually do this automatically.  In fact, it’s how we get better at all the steps of selling, namely:

– Working on a product/service that’s actually helpful
– Thinking up ways to get this solution to the right people

This all takes a lot of thinking, guess work, tabulating and formulating – thinking on behalf of your future customers – can you see how “psychological” this can get? Our point is – give yourself some credit. You’ve made a decision to work with the minds of business people, customers which is a big commitment. Why not commit to excellence? Why not be the best “marketing psychologist” you can be?