We’re a company that assist businesses to set up their own facebook pages and marketing advertising and branding fractions. Our team will assist in the set up directly with the customer. We provide training to the marketing teams in companies and training for the entire company to understand the SEO and facebook relationship.

Facebook advertising and marketing is the most powerful and convenient way to build your brand, find new customers and create a dynamic database in half the usual time. Smart companies are adopting sales funnels, marketing pages and lead generation portals that integrate with facebook seamlessly. Our team of experts are on standby to help you grow your business.


Facebook set up and training

When you are looking to build your business, Facebook is a must! Facebook has an amazing suite of tools to build your brand, educate your clients and most importantly deliver leads right to your doorstep. FB2GO have the skills to assist you in turning your Facebook presence into growth and profit.


Lead Generation

How much is a lead worth to you? When FB2GO design’s your lead funnel, you are ensured of brand exposure to select audience, no wasted advertising spend to be seen here. This results in higher quality leads and in turn, a better sales conversion rate which means higher profits. FB2GO create the lead funnel and you convert the leads into sales, it’s a WIN-WIN.


Posting Content

As a business that knows the importance of getting to know your business, we make it our mission to know the in’s and out’s of your company before we get started with posting your online content. Once this is done, we start posting rich and engaging content onto your social media platforms that invites your prospective clients to follow you, opening the door for hot leads and real clients.


Facebook set up

Critical to your Facebook success is having a business page that is correctly setup. If this is not done right you are losing the opportunity to increase your sales and leads. FB2GO matches the branding on your Facebook business page to that of your business. Your website and Facebook page have to work together seamlessly and ensure that your customers can communicate with you. Create a powerful analytics portal to manage and measure your advertising efforts. Remember: you cannot manage what you cannot measure.



Before FB2GO creates any post, we make it our business to understand your business. We want to know what makes your business different. With this insight FB2GO can create rich, engaging content that will capture your audience and ultimately create quality leads. The content FB2GO will post on your page, will consist of educational, disruptive, product information and promotional posts. An effective combination of these, will result in increased engagement and ultimately more loyal customers.



Facebook Business is such an amazingly powerful business tool, but so few business people really know how to make it work effectively in their businesses. One of the biggest challenges, is that it changes so quickly most people can’t keep up to date. We can teach you the basics of your page setup, posting and budgets, to more advanced features such as managing your vault, creating audiences (including advanced audiences) and critically how to generate and manage your leads.


Lead Generation

Very few people know how effective Facebook is when it comes to targeting selected audiences with your specific messaging. The real power is unleashed when we capture these audiences into a lead funnel using a splash page, which FB2GO can design for you. Couple this funnel to a business CRM tool and watch the magic happen as leads are converted into profitable customers.

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