Let us do Facebook marketing for you

Do you want to focus on what you do best? Most businesses do. If you don’t feel like stressing over learning how to do
FB Marketing on your own, let us to take care of all your lead generation and brand-building needs.

Run your business. Let the experts handle your marketing

We understand that there are business owners who know (for a fact) that their real value is in focusing on working on their business.  Highly successful company owners know how to put a team comprised of skilled professionals together and outsource outside skillsets to experts (instead of doing the work themselves.)

For example, if you’re the owner of a law firm and earn R3,000.00 an hour for your time and skillset – you wouldn’t be wasting your valuable time at playing with Facebook Marketing – you’d just find someone that already does this every day.

At FB2GO, we understand this and want to offer you something that reflects this understanding.

Pick and choose based on your goals

Every business wants to achieve something – these things are different in size and budget. What do you want to make happen?
You get to choose between three options, based on what you want to achieve, namely…

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The Kick-Off


If you choose our Kick-Off package, you must be pretty eager to check out what Facebook has in store for you. In other words, you’d like to dip your toe in the water and see some results.At FB2GO, we make this happen for you. Discovering what your business would like to achieve, we do the following for you:

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The Creative


At this point, you probably understand that when you use Facebook to market your business, you’re getting good results. You’re playing the long game and generating leads consistently while building your brand online. Wouldn’t you like to dial that up a notch? With the Creative Package, we give your business more creative space to come up with further reaching campaigns and posts, so you can stay further at the top of your clients’ minds. Here’s what you get:
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The Yoda Package


Why do we call this the Yoda Package? Well, that’s because Yoda is a Jedi Master. And if he ever joined a Facebook marketing company, he’d probably do great. Who doesn’t want to have a Yoda in their business, bringing his expertise onboard and guiding every Facebook Campaign towards great results? When you choose the FB2GO Yoda Package, you might as well have asked to bring him into the fold of your company.

Choosing to have an FB2GO agent run your Facebook marketing for you? Here’s what you’re in for:

Choosing to have an FB2GO agent run your Facebook marketing for you? Here’s what you’re in for:

Initial Setup

Facebook posts STRATEGIES

Business Manager STRATEGIES

Choose to take care of your business by letting us take care of new business – Let your customers chase you instead of it being the other way around. Choose FB2GO.

What’s great about Facebook for business?

Often, we find that business owners are too busy running their businesses to check out new marketing platforms to get new customers in the door. You’re not one of them, are you? Discover what it means to market only to the people that will be interested in your business. Read more here about Facebook’s analytics and vast amount of ways to build your brand.

Our FB2GO Blog

To successfully do Facebook Marketing that brings in great results means to practice a skillset. At FB2GO, we believe in this. We see that if you can truly understand your audience, you can bring in results that can rock your business. We post about new changes or ideas we discover on the topic of using Facebook to get clients and build a great brand. Read your next article here!