What’s so great about Facebook for business?

Often, we find that business owners are too busy running their businesses to check out new marketing platforms to get new customers in the door.
You’re not one of them, are you?  Discover what it means to market only to the people that will be interested in your business.

What’s the main problem with conventional marketing techniques?

We’re talking about TV, Newspapers, Magazines etc. Let’s take an example.  You may pay R60,000.00 to have your business own a column in a magazine with a million monthly subscribers – but do you know how many people will read your advert?

Can you (or the magazine company) say for sure:

What is the efficacy of that R60,000.00 you paid for your magazine advert? And how can you maximise it?

There’s no clear answer, because you don’t get this kind of information from conventional marketing techniques.

Put simply, things have changed… for the better.

Facebook has created a platform where any business can freely build their online brand and advertise to people who are more likely to be interested in what they have to offer.  What does this mean for you?  Well, you have the tools available to create adverts that, if finely tuned, can be put in front of people that’ll be much more eager to buy into, because they’ve already shown an interest in similar things.  What’s the bottom line?  No need for cold-calling – if you do things right, your future customers will start chasing you.

Get to know your customers

Highly successful businesses understand one thing: They understand who they’re servicing. Focus on acquiring “high-quality customers” (people that benefit most from your services or products) Facebook has the luxury of being one of the most prevalent social media platforms available, where tons of people spend their time connecting and congregating based on what they like and enjoy. These are known as “behaviours.” Get to know your high-quality customers based on their behaviours and make marketing to them a dream.

Get clients when you need to

A business should be a finely tuned engine that runs on its own. Acquiring new customers shouldn’t be the most difficult aspect to this engine. Using Facebook to direct potential customers towards your business can be a simple process, for three reasons:
If you use Facebook properly, your business stands to get more engaged, quality customers because the entire platform is built to achieve just this.

Build a powerful brand by displaying your company’s personality on Facebook.

Whereas it used to take 30-40 years to build a strong brand, now it can take a handful of strategic months.
You can build your business’s brand and share new developments in the form of:


Share your industry-related experiences and showcase your expertise!


Build an online portfolio of projects you’ve completed and happy customers


Moving on from the starchy PR-based company profiles, your future customers on Facebook are attracted to real, authentic businesses.

Authenticity leads to action

When your readers, viewers and followers see your business in
action everyday – something begins to happen.  They begin to
pay attention. After all, they’re not looking at a large corporate
company – they’re looking at a business’s impact on
real people, every day.

If you’re a customer and you see the positive impact of a real,
authentic business regularly – you’re going to want to join up.

Wouldn’t you like to be that company?

Use Facebook to create sales funnels

If you have a dedicated sales website (Landing Page), Facebook is the greatest tool you have to send interested, prospective buyers to this website. Using a landing page, you can direct people towards your website with ease. You can also do the following:

Let us do Facebook marketing for you

Do you want to focus on what you do best? Most businesses do. If you don’t feel like stressing over learning how to do FB Marketing on your own, let us to take care of all your lead generation and brand-building needs. Our variety of packages are designed to align with your marketing goals, fit your budget and give you assurance that no matter what, you have new business coming in the door. Get started here.

Our FB2GO Blog

To successfully do Facebook Marketing that brings in great results means to practice a skillset. At FB2GO, we believe in this. We see that if you can truly understand your audience, you can bring in results that can rock your business. We post about new changes or ideas we discover on the topic of using Facebook to get clients and build a great brand. Read your next article here!